PEK                       Serving the industry since 1992                                                                

Corporate Profile

Knowledge, technical inovation and integration of our staff are the foundation of our organization. For over 23 years we have been focused on providing services and products that add value to the assets of our clients and customers through high-performance solutions. The supply of engineering solutions, services and real-time products allows our customers to make operational decisions, or to define investment application at any time, anywhere, with increased productivity and efficiently.

PEK began its activities developing and designing urban and industrial architecture according to the profession of the founder. Then professional services also following the expertise of the partners included geology, mineral industry (mining and extractive metalurgy), oil & gas, tunneling, transportation infrastructure (subways, railways, roads and river barging), port and airport infrastructure.

Along of the last years the company began producing some pipe, valves and process control elements for use in the oil and gas industry then structural elements, boiler making parts, skids, spools, atmospheric tanks, pressurised tanks and reservoirs, storage tanks, and complete sets of parts for use in the industry. All the PEK products are made at request and manufactured or fabricated in workshops or factories that are long time suppliers to the company. PEK apply the Factory Less Manufacturing (FLM) concept which is very competitive in the present market.     

Our international experience includes more than 20 countries with feasibility studies (NI43-101 Reports) and bankable documents, project execution, construction and consultancy. Our business include the following segments:

Project engineering - With providing multidisciplinary services from conceptual design and studies until construction.

Industrial - Design of special equipment, systems, parts, metallic elements for industrial use, third-part manufacturing under supervision of PEK professionals, inspection and QA/QC of all items produced, sales and distribution for the mining, oil & gas and civil industries, utilities (electricity, water, HVAC).

R&D of Technologies and Innovation - Solar generation systems, technology for gold processing, nanotechnology and deep water technology for application to the oil & gas industry.   

Architecture - A Division of PEK that works on developing sustainable construction projects (Green buildings).